Sustainable Fashion Bozena Jankowska Values

In a fast moving and saturated world, our aim is to strive to design and create clothes which not only have meaning and purpose behind them, but which will be relevant across many future seasons and their quality just stands the test of time.

The fashion industry is extremely wasteful, and while we realise that fresh design, innovation and creativity are important to our customers, we make on a made to order and a small production basis to ensure the most sustainable and high quality production methods are applied. That is why, apart from looking to source our beautiful fabrics from European mills, we also look to source quality, end of run and vintage materials which are often available in limited quantities meaning each piece is a one-off.

The people who manufacture our designs are equally important to us. That is why we have decided to base our manufacturing in London and Europe. Working with production studios who share our values of respecting and preserving the skills, rights and dignity of workers and paying them a skilled, fair wage.

Our focus is always on sourcing beautiful fabrics and trims. We place an emphasis on incorporating intricate trademark details into our designs and the finish of each garment so that the garment looks as beautiful on the inside as it does on the outside, elevating it from the ordinary, to one of luxury but with a more accessible price point.



We work with highly skilled tailoring studios in London and Europe who understand and preserve the age-old skills of tailoring. We regularly visit each manufacturer we partner with, placing importance on building and maintaining long-lasting and sustainable relationships with them in the knowledge that we share common values on worker dignity, safety and wellbeing.


We strive to source the majority of our fabrics from suppliers who specialise in procuring and supplying discontinued or vintage fabrics so we avoid where possible creating new demand for new fabrics. Where fabrics are ordered from stock, we only order what we need to ensure minimum wastage.


We've made it our long term mission to incorporate where possible ever more innovative and sustainable fabrics into our garments. We are continuously searching and taking to textile mills and suppliers who can supply us with environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to conventional fabrics. Because of our small scale and size, sometimes that becomes a challenge, but we remain committed to bringing you beautiful luxury garments without them costing the earth.

Sustainabile fashion mission


We promise to take sustainability into account in everything we do. We recognise that we may not always be perfect, but we are committed and determined to strive to improve our environmental footprint. This is our commitment to you:

  • We promise to use sustainable fabrics where possible.
  • We promise to ensure that the people crafting our garments are appreciated for their skills, are paid a fair wage and enjoy fair, safe dignified working conditions and aim to work with suppliers that make their suppliers transparent to us.
  • We promise to use packaging solutions that reduce the environmental footprint on our planet by using sustainable, reusable or recyclable materials where possible.
  • We promise to be transparent so you can judge for yourself how well we are doing. If you would like to find out more about our approach to sustainability please email us at