We promise to take sustainability into account in everything we do.  We recognise that we may not always be perfect, but we are committed and determined to relentlessly strive to improve our environmental footprint. This is our commitment to you:


  • We promise to introduce at least one sustainable fabric into each season’s collection.   Although we cannot promise to use 100% sustainable fabrics in every one of our collections, we aim to improve this every year as sustainable fabric options become more available to us. 


  • We promise to ensure that the people crafting our designs are appreciated for their skills, are paid a fair wage and enjoy fair, safe dignified working conditions and aim to work with suppliers that make their supply chain transparent to us. 


  • We promise to use packaging solutions that reduce the environmental footprint on our planet by using sustainable, reusable or recyclable materials where possible.


  • We promise to be transparent so you can judge for yourself how well we are doing.