I began my journey in 2016, deciding to leave my 16-year career in sustainable and responsible investment to set up my own fashion label. It was a huge diversion from what I knew previously but with 26 years of sustainability knowledge and experience behind me including leading the global sustainable investment effort for a large investment management firm, I felt I was half way there. I’ve always been passionate about fashion and sustainability. It has been my long- term goal to bring the two together into a forward-looking luxury fashion label for women who not only love fashion but also share the same values – having a mindful and considered approach to fashion whilst striving to make a positive impact on sustainability.

My vision for the label is the same as I had when I decided to enter finance - when combined with the principles of sustainability it can be turned into a powerful force for positive change.  I believe the same is possible with fashion. It has global reach, it has influence, it impacts how we purchase fashion and if harnessed in the right way, it has the potential to become a powerful driver of positive environmental and social change.

My goal is to bring you a label that brings you beautiful and desirable designs that not only inspire and connect you with critical environmental and social issues but make you feel amazing. Each purchase you make will result in a proportion of our profits funding the work of partner organisations championing the cause the collection is raising awareness of. I am committed to reducing the label’s environmental footprint by incorporating sustainable fabrics into collections where possible, working with socially responsible manufacturers and avoiding unnecessary waste by producing pieces only when they are wanted.

With your support, together we can become a catalyst for small actions that will continue to make a positive difference towards making our world a more sustainable and beautiful place.


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