You are the 'Bozena Jankowska' woman

You are independent, strong, connected, mindful and creative. You are curious, open-minded, expressive and enjoy discovering and learning new things.  You expresses yourself through clothing - you have an independent style, you appreciate thoughtful design, attention to detail and quality and you look for fashion with a meaning. 

Our Values

In a fast moving and saturated world, our aim is to strive to design and create clothes which not only have meaning and purpose behind them, but which will be relevant across many future seasons and their quality just stands the test of time. 

The fashion industry is extremely wasteful, and while we realise that fresh design, innovation and creativity is important to our customers, we make on a made-to-order and a small production basis to ensure the most sustainable and high-quality process as possible. That is why, apart from looking to source our beautiful fabrics from European mills, we also look to source quality, end of run materials which are often available in limited quantities meaning we only make very small runs on some of our designs. 

The people who manufacture our designs are equally important to us. This is why we have decided to base our manufacturing in London. Working with manufacturing studios who share our values of respecting the skills, rights and dignity of workers and paying them a skilled, fair wage. 

Our designs focus on beautiful, fine quality fabrics and trims. We place an emphasis on incorporating intricate details into our designs and the finish of each garment so that the garment looks as beautiful on the inside as it does on the outside, elevating it from the ordinary, to one of luxury but with a more accessible price point. 

Our Inspiration

"We believe in fashion with a social and environmental purpose".

We are passionate about sustainability and in today's world, we are faced with many different environmental and social challenges that require our attention and understanding. These are the issues we feel are important to talk about, but we want to inspire not preach, and for this reason we have used creativity, innovation and design to weave sustainability stories into our collections through material choices, colours, silhouettes and subtle details that reference the issues we are highlighting. We believe that just talking about an issue is not enough which is why for every topic we highlight with our collections, we partner with organisations that champion the issues we want to talk about and donate a percentage of proceeds from every sale to the work they are doing. 

About Bozena

I started my career path by studying Environmental Science, which led me on to finance, where for 16 years, I specialised in Sustainable and Responsible Investment at a global asset management firm. Sustainability has been a lifelong passion of mine, so although I had defined a successful career path focusing on my passion, that path gradually became limiting. After a period of soul searching and time out from my finance career, I realised that my creativity and passion for sustainability were very important to me. I wanted to create something beautiful, that helped women, just like me, to feel effortlessly empowered to express their style whether it be in a professional environment or private life, but never loosing touch with their individuality, sense of adventure or authenticity. 

In creating Bozena Jankowska, I want to design accessible luxury and create clothes for women that are hard working, mindful and free spirited. 

While the brand continuously evolves and improves, I remain committed to our values. I seek to help women feel effortlessly on point everyday of their adventurous life by creating clothes that are beautiful, of the highest quality, have a meaning and which give them the confidence to deal with whatever life throws at them.