Bozena Jankowska Founder and Director


Bozena Jankowska is a London based label set up in 2016 by founder and creative director Bozena Jankowska. Driven by her passion for sustainability, initially the label started with a focus on small capsule collections that were inspired by and told the story of critical social and environmental issues. The first two collections were inspired by the honey bee and its world which, resulted in Bozena partnering with the organisation Buglife to raise funds for bee conservation work.

Since the launch of her label, it became increasingly clear to Bozena that her customers were placing ever more emphasis on individuality, uniqueness and personalisation when choosing pieces for their wardrobe. These were women who were independent, strong, connected, mindful and creative. Women who were curious, open-minded, expressive and enjoyed discovering and learning new things. Women who expressed themselves through clothing - having an independent style, appreciated thoughtful design, attention to detail, quality and who looked for fashion with a meaning. Combined with a long standing love of tailoring, a passion for slow fashion and believing that clothes should have meaning for the wearer, led Bozena to explicitly focus the label towards offering beautifully crafted blazers which can be personalised to create a completely unique look for the wearer.

With a passion for beautiful, interesting fabrics and attention to detail, Bozena places an emphasis on sourcing unique end of production and vintage fabrics and buttons so that customer choice remains fresh and relevant. 

About Bozena Jankowska

Bozena started her career path by studying Environmental Science, which led her on to finance, where for 16 years, she specialised in Sustainable and Responsible Investment at a global asset management firm. Sustainability had always been a lifelong passion of Bozena's. Although she had defined a successful career path focusing on her passion, that path eventually became limiting. All her life Bozena had another passion - making and creating. In launching the label Bozena did not want to start a business to start a fashion label but to make a difference. She wanted to create something beautiful, of exceptional quality, adopting a core set of beliefs that showed there is a different way to operate in the fast and wasteful world of fashion. 

While the label continues to evolve, Bozena remains committed to her values of authenticity, sustainability and mindfulness. She seeks to help women feel effortlessly on point every day of their lives by creating pieces that are beautiful, of the highest quality and have a meaning for the wearer.