Bozena Jankowska wins Best Up and Coming Fashion Brand 2018

Its been over a year since I put pencil to paper to begin work on my early concept sketches for 'Ode to the Bee' Season One collection. At the time I could not begin to imagine what was waiting for me but I was excited. Looking back on it all now I will say that it has been and continues to be an incredible journey which has had its fair share of ups as well as downs. The learning curve has been huge and very steep and there were moments I could not see the wood for the trees but the key was to never loose sight of the bigger picture because the results have been so rewarding!

Winning the Best Up and Coming Fashion Brand 2018 from Eluxe Magazine was a major achievement and a hugely rewarding early recognition for the label. The awards honour excellence in the sustainable luxury market and it is a badge we carry with pride. We are going to be shouting about it for some time as we are immensely proud to receive it and we will strive to continue to live up to its expectations - excellence in sustainability.

The launch of the Bozena Jankowska e-commerce website on 11th November was another major milestone for us. It was the culmination of months of work and it has been extremely rewarding to see everything coming together in this one place. With this website, we want to transport you into the Bozena Jankowska world, and bring you a place where you feel you can feel engaged, inspired and informed!

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