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Bozena Jankowska is a designer, with a background in environmental science and a 16 year career in sustainable finance. Originating from Poland, Bozena has grown up and lived in London for over 36 years.

Her philosophy is ‘experience, sustain, repeat - a mindful approach to living’ which she has embedded in the personality of her brand.  Her designs are inspired by environmental and social themes and a trans-seasonal idea of dressing without distinct season focus. 

Capsule collections consist of pieces that can be styled up or down throughout the year – or even from day to night. The focus is on sustainability, buying less but choosing beautiful inspiring pieces that last.  Launching September 2017, the first capsule collection focuses on the world of the bee and the sustainability of its existence.

Bozena’s belief in championing the need for fashion with a purpose, will come about through partnerships with like-minded sustainability focused organisations that work on the environmental and social issues behind each of her collections. 

For Bozena, the focus is on the importance of basics, but with a luxurious appeal. As demand grows for long-lasting essentials, fabric and construction assumes a new importance. It requires links to quality and sustainability.  The rise in the ‘slow fashion’ trend, basic no longer means ordinary. Quite the contrary: wardrobe staples are becoming more lavish and desirable, with a story to tell.  Minimalism embraces strong silhouettes, clever cuts, added texture and original prints. Expect to see classic tailoring with a focus on a new relaxed style, refined yet casual with a luxe feel.